February 6, 2016

The Penny Shopping APP for Dollar General has been updated with a new list and UPC's.

The Penny Puss APP for Penny Shopping at Dollar General has been updated with the full UPC's of most items that pennied yesterday. (Yes, a FRIDAY LIST!) Approximately 50 new UPC's have been added to the App database. The list is also posted under the heading Feb 5. Here is the list with the last 5 of the UPC's for reference. We do not have the UPC's on a few of the items yet, but are working on it.

If you are new to penny shopping, PLEASE visit the Penny Shopping page to learn the basics!

If you are interested in purchasing the APP, you can visit our page here to see how it works as well as where to purchase it. Penny Puss App for Penny Shopping

X - The red X's on the list is only to indicate that I do not have the UPC's for these items yet.

The following are screenshots from the list in the app.  You can still search by last 4 of the UPC for the regular listings for these items too.


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