February 2, 2016

Ultimate Online Baby Shower Giveaways today at 1 and 3 PM EST.

The Ultimate Online Baby Shower has another 2 giveaways today!  You can send it to 3 friends - let your friends know to send it back to you!  This giveaway starts at 1PM EST. 

At 3PM today, Baby Banz will be giving away free sunglasses and sun lotion samples.

Feb 3 at 1PM EST: Baby’s 1st Toothbrush samples 
Feb 3 at 3pm EST: Oatmilk Baby Lotion Samples 

Feb 4 at 1PM EST: Goat Milk Formula and Goat Milk Yogurt & Fruit Sample Packs 
Feb 4 at 3pm EST: Deepy Deepy Pacifier Bracelets 

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