March 30, 2016

Extra 50% off already reduced clearance at Dollar General this Saturday! (There are MORE exclusions than usual though, please read!)

There is a 1 day clearance coming up this Saturday and there will be some pretty good deals out there!  Go early for the best selection as there will be others waiting at the door at 8 am, I am sure ... yep, I'll be one of them!

The deal is extra 50% off already reduced clearance but the "core" clearance and Easter are supposed to be excluded this time!  That means that most of the items you can use coupons on will NOT be included.  You never really know about Dollar General though, they sometimes say one thing and do another - so YMMV.

Please let us know on our Facebook page what great deals you find so others can look for those items too!

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If you are interested in the Penny Puss Penny Shopping App, you can find more about it here: Penny Shopping App for Dollar General

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