March 16, 2016

FREE after coupons and like-FREE after coupons/Extra Bucks at CVS!

UPDATE:  I messed up on this.  The pistachios were Gold Emblem but NOT "abound" ... I'm sorry about that. I did not intend to misuse the coupons, but noticed it just now when I was printing more coupons.

As most of you know, I am not a couponer.  I really prefer clearance sales because I am not organized enough to coupon.  But with that said, here are some easy deals you can get in on if you are like me and don't want to do all the "figuring" and planning that goes into couponing.

I am trying to get better at this!

I paid just over $10 (including my local newspaper) and got $10 back in Extra Bucks!

Print 2 of the Crest (limit 2 EB deals), 2 of the Colgate (limit 2 EB deals), 1 of the Sure (limit 1 EB deal), 1 of the Gold Emblem nut, and 1 of the Gold Emblem Abound snack item.

The CVS register will most likely only allow you to use 1 of each Gold Emblem coupons per transaction.  I didn't try more than one because the coupon states one per person.

$1.00 off ONE Crest 3D White™ Toothpaste

$1.00 off any Colgate Toothpaste


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