May 12, 2016

30% off coupon for select Seventh Generation products on Amazon!

If you like Seventh Generation products, check out the "click" coupon on Amazon for select Seventh Generation products.  You can use the 30% off coupon on ONE product.  Be sure the discount is taken off before placing your order.  If it is not, go back and look at the item you are ordering and be sure the little green button is clicked.

Most household products that I use are natural brands.  This is my go-to dish soap.  My favorite is the Lemongrass & Clementine Zest.  I know that I should switch to the laundry soap too, but I can get the ALL free & clear for such a good price when couponing, so I usually stock up.

The price should be just over $2 a bottle if you purchase at this price minus the coupon.
Do you use natural products?


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