May 14, 2016

Attention: New gray dots and blue dots are being put out at Dollar General.

Yes, select gray dots pennied from Dollar General, but you need to be pay attention now as there are a lot of new products being put out that are FULL PRICE!

The following gray dot tags (shown) on accessories are the ones that pennied (with a few exceptions).  Some religious jewelry is ringing full price as is the fashion baseball style caps.

There is a white/black vine tag with gray dot - full price!
There is a turquoise pattern tag with gray dot - full price!
Sometimes the item does not have a tag, but the box that it is in has the pattern on it.  These two designs are full price.

New gray dot shoes are being put out with FG15 and merchandise with FA15, which one might assume to be a penny, they MAY NOT be.  Many are new and being put out at full price!

And, anything with a year date having a 16 in it, will also be new and full price!

This is why, I don't bother with clothing after the 1st week or so ... It's just too hard to tell what they are putting out new.

Please be cautious and know what you are doing.  If you are new to penny shopping, please review the video of the basics.  It will answer some of those frequently asked questions.

If you are interested in the Penny Puss APP, you can read about it here: Penny Puss APP for Penny Shopping at DG.  I update it with what I find as soon as I can.  It is not perfect by any means.  Some items are not in there because I don't have those items or the codes for those items.  Also, some items from past seasons may have reset.  Let us know if you find items that have reset, so that we can remove them.  Thank you all for your help!

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