May 26, 2016

Etiquette for joining Facebook groups.

I know this may seem a little off-topic for a deal site, but since we have various Facebook groups, I would like to address this.  Do not join a group and start posting without first checking out their guidelines.

When you join a group and start asking questions and posting things that are not permitted in the groups, you could easily get yourself deleted.  So, when you join a group, check out the "pinned post".  Most groups have a pinned post to tell you what the group is about and tell you the rules or guidelines of that group.  ALL groups have different rules.

How to find the pinned post:
The pinned post is "pinned" to the top of the group.  You need to be on the groups main page - so click on the group name.

Then you will see under it in light gray letters "pinned post".  If you are on a desktop computer, you should see the post ... if you are on a mobile device, you may need to click on the words "pinned post" to see it.  READ THIS PINNED POST BEFORE POSTING OR COMMENTING IN THE GROUP!  If you don't, you may be deleted.  Think about this - what if all 20,000+ people in this group come in and ask the same questions?  The admin of the groups can make whatever rules they want - it is their group.

If there is NO pinned post in the group, click on the "files" tab to see if there is a post for rules.

If there is no rule post, look around and familiarize yourself with the group.  There may be a post floating around with the rules. 


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