May 2, 2016

The extra 50% off sale at Dollar General is over and prices are back where they were earlier last week.

It was a fun shopping weekend!  I got some great deals as I am sure many of you did!

I even found gray dot clothing that is in season!  It wasn't all  fall and winter.  I got a couple cute outfits for my granddaughter and even some cute little pajamas!

These are what the tags for the gray dot accessories look like.

If you are new to following the Dollar General clearance, you can go here to see what "penny shopping" is about: Penny Shopping

We also have an app for sale on Amazon.  You can see more about it here: Penny Puss Penny Shopping APP

Even if you missed out on the extra 50% clearance, you can still get some really good deals.  Gray dot, pink dot, pink star, and blue dot clothing is only 50¢ to $1.  Gray dot shoes too!  But remember that the athletic shoes are not included.

Gray dot accessories are also only 50¢ to $1 right now!

I think I bought all I want for now and will wait for the rest to penny before I go looking again.  Hopefully they will miss a lot when they pull them off the shelf!


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