May 7, 2016

Updated with visual chart for this past Tuesday penny shopping at Dollar General.

First, I want to say what I have to say from time to time.
PLEASE do not destroy the store displays.
PLEASE read the basics and watch the VIDEO.
PLEASE be respectful of the employees.
DO NOT guess about what is a penny.  Join groups to help with exclusions.

I apologize to all the Dollar General employees out there who have messaged me/emailed me saying that I am making it harder on them.  The reason I started the Penny Shopping groups and including the information on my website was to try and properly teach people the basics.  I don't want people going out blindly guessing and asking for tons of price checks.  I want them to understand the process and go about it the right way.  There are just plain jerks out there though, who don't care.  A person who tears up your store is someone who probably doesn't care how their actions affect anyone, so probably those people are unreachable by me or anyone else.

With that said, here is an updated chart from this past week to help with penny shopping:

Additional details follow:

Brown Dot Home pennied and there are many "hidden" items. We are really bogged down trying to get the app updated, so I cannot make a list right now of those items, but if you have been following in the Facebook groups, you should know which items they are - for the most part. The cardboard boxes that are licensed characters were ringing full price. Also, NO electrical appliances are included! No pyrex with brown dot either.

Blue dot, gray dot, pink dot, and pink star apparel pennied. I only found one outfit that rang up full price that was a gray or blue dot, can't recall. But it was a baby sweatsuit gray w/ orange. Rang up $10. Socks are EXCLUDED.

Fleece and winterwear also pennied. There are not exceptions that we have come across yet.

Gray dot shoes and blue dot slippers also pennied. Gray dot athletics are excluded and full price. There have also been a lot of reports of pink dot shoes pennying ... be sure to check the date on them that they are not this years!

Gray dot accessories were not on the list, but did penny. There have been a few items that are being reported as full price. There are some carded religious jewelry $1 on a chevron type backing w/ gray dot. Some of these are ringing full price. There are also bracelets on a cardboard backing that is food or candy - they are ringing full price. Also, some baseball type hats $5 w/ black and gray polka dot backing with a gray dot ringing full price.

If you are interested in purchasing the APP, you can find it here:

If you are new to penny shopping, please read about and watch the video about the basics here:

If you are looking for old lists, see this post: remember that some items DO reset back to full price.


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