June 19, 2016

Aldi: Boys polo-style shirts only $1.49!

I have been shopping at Aldi a lot more than I used to.  I love to see what new stuff they have and what they have on sale or clearance!

I like to just glance around at the tags on the shelf to see if there are any extra savings.  Yesterday, I noticed these polo-style shirts for only $1.49!  These are great for back to school!

I usually buy cheeses, sometimes meat, and veggies at Aldi.  They have pretty decent prices.

I keep looking at this cake there too!  It looks so fun!  It's not the best picture ... the lights were reflecting on the glass of the freezer case.  But this is so cool!  It has candy in the middle!

And my tip for a random act of kindness?  Give your shopping cart to someone else when you are done and refuse to take the quarter!  

Happy shopping!

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