June 10, 2016

Get your "world's ugliest color" top at JCPenney, plus get 20% off with code!

Pantone 448 C / Opaque Couche has been in the news recently for being the worlds ugliest color.  I disagree with this assessment.  I don't think it's a bad color at all.  It reminds me of my time in the Air Force wearing olive drab fatigues that are similar in color.

The Jerome Shurr painting that hangs above my desk has similar colors in it.  I love this painting ... I look at it every day.

And, I just bought a cute top from JCPenney that is pretty close in color too (like really close)!  It may be a "boring" color if you have a huge display of it, but I surely don't find it to be ugly at all.

Look how cute this top is that I ordered!  On the JCPenny website, the Moor Green swatch looks like a brownish color, but this is what it really looks like:

So, if you want to be cool and tell everyone you are wearing the world's ugliest color (or close to it, they don't need to know) - head on over to JCPenny and scoop up this top in Moor Green - it's plus size only, but there is another top in ladies sizes also in Moor Green here.  It might not actually be the same exact hue as the world's ugliest color ... as I am not an expert.  But it is a pretty close call!  And be sure to use code GOSAVE2 to get 20% off your order!

The flash and lighting changes it a bit.  But here is my new top holding up to the color on the House Beautiful website.

If I were to think what color I find the ugliest ... well, I think it would be the color of my old stapler.  What are your thoughts on the world's ugliest color and my cute new top?  I'd like to hear what you all think is the ugliest color.  Leave a comment below!


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