June 28, 2016

I just saved $30 off an $80 pet food order on Amazon!

Right now, Amazon is offering 20% off your pet's first subscribe and save order!  You will need to use code SNSPETS at checkout.

They also have a $10 off $75 Wellness pet food purchase available!

This discount came off automatically.

I purchased 2 cases of Wellness Core for my cats.  We recently switched to this cat food due to my cats' health problems.  My cat Bob is in kidney failure and switching to this food plus giving him sub q fluids 2-3 times a week has changed his CREAT level from 5 to 3.7.

Anyway, if you use this food or are considering  using this food, this is a great deal!  Locally, it's $1.98 a can.  And with this offer, it's just over $1 a can.

You can use the SNSPETS discount on other pet subscribe and save.  And you can cancel future orders at any time.

Here is my breakdown:

$16 discount for using the code SNSPETS
$10 off $75 Wellness 
$4 Subscribe and Save discount!

That's a $30 savings off an $80 order!


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