June 4, 2016

Select Hostess cupcakes pennied this week at Dollar General!

Although this past Tuesday had no items penny, later in the week, we got a surprise!  Select boxed Hostess Cup Cakes pennied!

I snagged 4 boxes of the Hostess Red Velvet cupcakes at a local store.  My husband took them to work to share.

The other varieties that pennied are the Sea Salt Caramel Cup Cakes and the Baseball Cup Cakes.  These are the boxed ones like in the picture above.

I am pretty sure these will reset to full price some time in the future, because we have seen some of these penny before.  YMMV.

If you are new to penny shopping at Dollar General, please read the following and visit the basics link.  

The items that are pennied, are supposed to be pulled from the shelves, but the employees sometimes miss items. If the item is on the shelf and you take it to the register, they are supposed to sell it to you though. They do not, however, let you go back to get more.

Please be polite and considerate to the store employees. Do not tear up a store looking for penny items. If you are just starting out, I ask that you watch this one video which is a bit of the basics to help you get started.  Remember that penny shopping is never guaranteed! Some items vary by location or store and some items may reset back to full price. 

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