July 15, 2016

EXTRA 50% off Dollar General Clearance starts today!

You can see the clearance ad on the bottom of my receipt. Extra 50% off clearance items including the clearance section, items marked with orange clearance stickers, purple dot  home, seeds, and memorial day flowers.

This clearance event runs from July 15 though July 17.

Since I am not an avid couponer (what???) - I just like to take pictures of the clearance and then go to the Penny Puss Coupon Database to match up what coupons are available.

For instance, in the picture below, there is Johnson's Baby Wash.  So, I go over to the Penny  Puss Coupon Database and search for "Johnsons" and a $1/2 printable coupon comes back in the search.  So 50% off the Johnson's Body Wash makes it $1.50 - buy 2 for $3 total and use the $1/2 or a grand total of $2 out of pocket or only $1 each!

Anyway, that's how I do it.  A lot of people clip all the coupons in their inserts and keep them in a binder, but that just is too time-consuming for me!  The Penny Puss Coupon Database will also tell you which insert a coupon is in.  

Dollar General coupon policy is that they DO give overage on coupons AS LONG AS you use it toward other merchandise.  You CANNOT get money back!  The only problems that I have really had with using regular coupons during these clearance events is that sometimes the coupons that are for multiple products (like $1 off 2) don't always scan correctly.  

Also, remember to go to DollarGeneral.com and look for digital coupons to add to your account.  And, remember that most digital coupons ARE manufacturer coupons and you cannot use a digital manufacturer coupon with a paper manufacturer coupon.  You can use one or the other.

Well, everyone ... I'm getting ready to head out.
So ...
Happy Shopping!


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