July 13, 2016

Tide Pods 81 ct only $12.86 or Gain Flings 81 ct for $13.04 (plus tax) on Amazon!

If you use Tide Pods, you know this is a good deal!  Head on over to Amazon and check out the $5 off coupon on select Tide Pods!

You can see on the picture at the top of the landing page that there is a $5 coupon on select Tide Pods and Gain Flings.  The Tide in the middle has the lowest price of $18.80 right now (Amazon could change the price at any time).  So, if you order it with subscribe and save you save 5% and then the $5 coupon too!  The price is $12.86 plus tax.

You will have to sign in to clip the coupon. This is a picture of what the top of the landing page looks like.

The Gain Flings is $18.99 so after discounts it will be $13.04 plus tax.  This is roughly a $7 savings over the prices on Walmart.com!

You can cancel future subscribe and save orders.


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