July 28, 2016

U by Kotex DG coupon stackable with manufacturer coupon giving you $3 off!

While most Dollar General coupons are manufacturer coupons, there is a MOBILE Dollar General Store Coupon out for U by Kotex!  In their policy, you can use on store coupon AND one manufacturer coupon together on one product.

Remember that it must say STORE COUPON on it, otherwise it's a manufacturer coupon.

**To find the mobile coupon, go to this link and click on mobile coupons.  You will need to put your phone number in.  Then it will text you.  In the text, you will need to click on the redeem offer and let the cashier scan the coupon.**

So, print one of these and use it with the $2 off U by Kotex coupon.  I actually saw some U by Kotex today in the clearance for $2.60 - that would give you 40¢ overage!  Overage MUST be used on your other items - they are NOT supposed to give you cash back.  Please don't put them in the position to compromise their job.

Let me know how this works for you.

$1.00 off ONE U By KOTEX tampons

$1.00 off any ONE U by KOTEX SLEEK Tampons

$1.00 off ONE U By KOTEX Pads

$1.00 off ONE U By KOTEX Liners


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