September 16, 2016

Ever have "sticker shock" when you go to mail a package?

Last week, I took a package to the Staples to send UPS to my nephew in California (I'm in Pennsylvania).  The box was about the size of a sewing machine and not really that heavy.  I'm not sure WHAT I expected it to cost but THIRTY-SIX dollars was NOT it.


Nothing I could do but go ahead and send it though.  I've been procrastinating for weeks ... err, months actually.

So what can you do to avoid sticker shock when mailing a package?  When purchasing items you want to mail, try to buy items that will fit in a USPS priority mailer.  You can get a lot of  stuff into one of the large priority mailers and the cost is $18.75 and includes up to $50 insurance.

Another way to save money, if you mail a lot of packages, is to shop online.  Many stores offer free shipping with a minimum purchase or during promotional periods.

Or, you can join Amazon Prime.  I used to think it was too expensive at $99 per year, but it really saves me a lot of money.  I have been a member for years.  You can sign up below for a 30-day free trial to see if Amazon Prime 2-day shipping works for you.  If you are like me, you will be hooked!  It's  nice to pay that one fee a year and be able to mail stuff to anyone without an additional fee.  And, if you need an item next day, there is usually a very small (about $3.99) additional fee.
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You also get other benefits like music and such.  So, check it out!

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We use affiliate ads to help fund our site.