September 8, 2016

Order a Dash Button $4.99 and get $4.99 off after your first purchase with it!

Right now, Amazon is running a promotion to get the $4.99 off a future order when you purchase a Dash Button for $4.99.  I have 2 Dash Buttons.  One is for kitty litter and the other is for baby wipes.  I bought these both during a similar promotion.

They are pretty simple to set up, but you need to do it through your phone.  Remember too, to put them somewhere away from children so you don't get extra orders that you don't want.

Never run out of your favorite products again ... you can put the button somewhere that when you get low on the product, you press it and order that product.  I don't know about you, but I forget to order stuff all the time.  I keep checking back to see if they have one of these for the coffee I use.

As I said, previously, I have 2 Dash Buttons.  There are some good prices on Arm & Hammer kitty litter on Amazon, but I am starting to feel bad for my mail carrier.  The 2nd button is for Amazon brand baby wipes.  I really like the wipes and I can't get them anywhere else.

It's like getting the button free after purchase!


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