September 2, 2016

Rite Aid Rake in Points promotion - get $20 in points when you spend $50 on select items! Can be a money maker!

Rite Aid Rake in Points Promo:

First, you need to sign up for a Plenti card.  It's quick and easy. You can do it right in the store.  I used to mostly shop at CVS because I liked their store card promotions the best, but now, I am shopping at Rite Aid more!

The Rake in Points promotion works like this.
You need $50 before coupons to earn $20 in points.  These points can be used at many places - but I usually choose to use them at Exxon.  It's great to save on gas!

You can check the Rite Aid ad to see what is included each week.

If you have the OxiClean detergent coupon from this past week newspaper insert, it is on sale for $3.99 and is included in the Rake in Points promo.  So, you pay 99¢ but get $3.99 toward your goal of $50 to qualify for the $20 in points!

You can see the leaf on the ad ... or in store, look at the tags on the shelf to see if the item is included.

Also, there are quite a few 69¢ candy that are included in the Rake in Points promo, and thanks to for the tip of finding some with a 50¢ coupon on them, I bought a bunch of those too!  But please check dates as most are short-dated with this coupon.

Be sure to look for the sale 69¢ candy with the Rake in Points on the shelf tags and the 50¢ coupons attached.  

My husband was thinking I'm nuts!  So I had to explain it to him.  As I said, I usually use my Plenti points on gas.  While I would prefer to buy something that I will use, even the candy bars are a good deal ... even if I give them all away.

One scenario:
73 candy bars at 69¢ each will get you to $50 spending to get your $20 in Plenti points.
73 candy bars at 69¢ each is $50.37 - while most of us don't want that many candy bars and really buying $50 worth of candy to get $20 in points does not seem reasonable ... this does.

Buy 73 candy bars at 69¢ WITH a 50¢ coupon on them - these may or may not be available in your area.  
$50.37 - 36.50 (seventy three 50¢ coupons) - so you pay $14.37 to get $20 in points.  That's a pretty nice savings on gas!  It can actually be considered a money maker!

I didn't buy that many candy bars, I bought some of the OxiClean laundry detergent and Dixie plates too to add to my total.  But, the candy bar example shows that if you need something to get your total up, it's a good deal.

I hope this all makes sense.  If not, please comment and we will see what we can do to help you.

Happy Shopping!


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