September 4, 2016

Saving money while dieting ...

A lot of people think they need to spend  money on "special" food when they diet.  While you don't really need them, they can help you along if you just use them sparingly.

I have tried many different diets and they all worked IF I stayed on them.  The prepackaged food diets are great for a busy person, but my budget cannot afford it right now.  I had success a few years back with a low carb diet.  I don't follow Atkins exactly, but I did try to fix low carb meals for my husband and I.  I lost quite a bit ... but over the years, with my bad food choices and inactivity, the weight has creeped back on.

Yesterday, I decided that I was going to get serious and cut the carbs out again.  I need to get this weight back off.  I went grocery shopping and bought meat, low carb veggies, pickles, marinated artichoke hearts, almond milk, and some low carb wraps for sandwiches.

The last time I did this diet, I also bought the Atkins bars and shakes mostly to put in my husband's lunch, but I would also have one on occasion.  If you use these items as a "treat" and not daily, it may be able to satisfy your craving without going off of the diet.  My favorite Atkins snacks are the peanut butter cups .. my husband's favorite is the brownie.

Right now, when you register at you can get a free kit plus $3 in coupons.  When I ordered this kit, it came with a little booklet for counting carbs, which is really helpful.

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Another way to save while dieting is to price-match.  Since most of my foods will be fresh, it's  hard to find any coupons to use.  Sure, there is an occasional one.  SavingStar has fresh produce "rebates" that you might want to look into.

Another is the Ibotta APP. Sometimes they will have a rebate for "any" bagged cheese or "any" bread, for instance besides the brand named items that you can get rebates on.  You can check the product in the store to be sure that it matches before purchasing it.

Share with us your ideas on how to save money while dieting.  Feel free to comment!


We use affiliate ads to help fund our site.