September 12, 2016

Updates for tomorrow's clearance at Dollar General.

Unfortunately, as far as we know, there are no new pennies.

ASOTV list for 50% off 

If you are new to penny shopping, PLEASE watch this video! Basics to Penny Shopping at Dollar General

BBQ should stay at 90%
White dot clothing 40% or more ... ymmv
White dot accessories 50% (more or less)

Yellow Dot apparel 40% or more
White and Yellow dot shoes up to 50%
Swim Toys 40% or more
Summer Toys 40% or more

Sorry for the all wishy-washy numbers, but everything is varying. Your store may be stuck at 25% on any of the items, it's best to ask for a price check of an item that is marked clearly with a reg price so that you can gauge the percentage.

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