October 2, 2016

Case of $12 canning jars for $3.24 after coupon at Kmart! Just over a quarter a jar!

Check your Kmart in store!  My local Kmart has a pack of 12 Ball regular pint canning jars for $6.24 (They are marked with a blue and white tag and say "price drop")!  There is a new printable coupon for $3 that I  posted the other day, but Kmart's price has gone down since then and I think this is a pretty hot deal!  I got mine today!

Note:  The coupon did not scan... the cashier had to  put it in manually.  YMMV

Remember to look around for clearance when you are in Kmart.  I usually find some good deals.  We picked up some picture frames today too that were clearanced down to $7, but actually rang up $3.50.


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