October 9, 2016

Check your email for Staples "Mystery" Rewards!

If you are a member of Staples Rewards, check your email to see if you have a "Mystery Reward" waiting! I printed mine the other day (dated Oct 6) and forgot about it.

This is what the email looked like:

 Well, I was heading out today and remembered that I printed it. So I made Staples my first stop today. Of course, the email says could it be $1000 but most likely not. So I go to make my purchase and find out I got $25! Woo hoo! I only bought a $6 item, so the other $19 printed out on the receipt to use later. I am pretty sure the expiration for it is the same as the expiration on the original mystery reward. I truly thought it was going to be $5 - the cashier was even surprised, she said they usually are $5.

This is what I ended up buying ... originally $34 and it was only $6.

I also did a separate transaction for the 1¢ after easy rebate ream(s) of paper, because I wasn't sure if I used rewards on it, if it would reduce my rebate. Be sure to look around your store for clearance stickers. There really is a lot of great deals right now ... well at least at my local store.


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