October 26, 2016

Use your Staples coupons to get a Smoking HOT deal on Kcup-style coffee!

For any of you who have been following me for a while  now, you know that my brand of choice for Kcup-style coffee pods is San Francisco Bay.  In particular, I purchase the 80 count from Amazon for just under $30 usually.  (Remember, prices may change at any time on Amazon.)
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I prefer the Rainforest blend (usually a couple dollars more) which is organic and fair-trade, while my husband prefers the Fog Chaser.

So moving on to the Staples deal.  Recently I was in the Staples store and saw that they had these 80 count boxes of San Francisco Bay One-cup coffee for $29.99!  And, I had recently received a checkout coupon for $30 off $60 purchase!  So I ordered 2 boxed and a pack of crayons as a "filler" to get me to the $60 mark to use the coupons!  It worked perfectly!  So I paid just under $31 for 160 coffee pods of the brand that I use anyway!

So, while you may or may not get this coupon, you can sign up for Staples emails and they send out coupons quite frequently!  I just received a coupon for $25 off $75 in my email 2 days ago!  Just remember that their coupons are usually ONLY for regular price items, not sale or clearance.  So, sign up for Staples emails.  Go to Staples.com and then scroll to the bottom of the page and on the left, you should see where it says "sign up for promotional emails."

That is the 3 boxes with $25 off $75 coupon from Staples emails.
$64.97 for 240 coffee pods or only 27¢ per pod.

I have no affiliation with this coffee company.  I just like the way they do business as well as providing a good tasting cup of coffee!  You can read more about San Francisco Bay Coffee on their site.  San Francisco Bay Gourmet Coffee


We use affiliate ads to help fund our site.