November 2, 2016

Check out the backpack prices at Walmart - as low as $2 for licensed character bags!

I told you before that I do "random" searches in the Walmart App to see if I can find any good deals.  Well, the other day I looked up "backpack" and well, there are some as low as $2 that show "in stock" at my local Walmart.

You can see at this link that the website does not necessarily show the current price:

So, you need to check it out your Walmart App and be sure to be on your store tab to see what is available in your store.  Sometimes inventory is a little off, but I actually went to the store and found some of these.  

If you don't have the Walmart App yet, go to iTunes or Google Play to download it.

The following picture is of some of the ones that I found that range from left to right from $2 to $5.


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