November 9, 2016

Dollar General Haul from 11/8 - pennies, quarter, and 90% clearance!

I know rumor has been going around for a while now, but Dollar General has for the most part decided to stop items from going to a penny.  Last week, however, the Hostess Halloween cakes and the Happy Drinks DID penny.  I found some of the Halloween cakes yesterday and they are still a penny!

Dollar General also has said that they will put the clearance items back to full price after giving the stores 7 days to send the items back.  They did not reset as of yesterday.  There are new items being put out though that might confuse you.  Check dates on clothing.  Anything with a 17 in it would be new.

From this point on, if you find items that you think are 90% or 25¢, ask for a price check.  That's what I did.

This is my haul from a couple Dollar General stores yesterday.  I still saw kites, hula hoops, and other items that I just didn't need.  There is still good stuff out there ... we just have to proceed with caution at this point to be sure items have not reset!

Nemo towel/ponchos were 90% making them $1.40.
Lip balm sets were 25¢ each (marked down with white dot).
Light up suction balls were 90% off making them 10¢.
Fuzzy keychains white dot markdown 25¢.
Frozen Lanyards white dot markdown 25¢.
Spring pens marked down with green dot 90% off making them 10¢.
Hostess Scary Cakes 1¢.

Total of $6.45 + tax.


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