November 1, 2016

No new pennies at Dollar General... ever!

Oh no!  This is the day we were hoping would never come!  But it looks to be true!  Last night, we were unsure what exactly was going to happen with the new recovery process that Dollar General has put into place.

This morning, it seems, that all clearance that has hit 90% or 25¢ has stayed there.  The stores were told that prices will go back to full price after the process is complete.  At this point, we are thinking that means the week that they have to send the merchandise back.

So we SHOULD have through Monday to find any seasonal items from last weeks lists at those prices.  If you find any of these items after that, they should be reset to full price.  So if you are waiting on the pennies, wait no more!  Get out there and get the clearance!
This is the video that I made last night explaining the new process:

Will there be new pennies tomorrow at Dollar General? We have since found that the items will not penny or at least did not penny.

You can go here:
No new pennies, but this markdown will get me out shopping! See where the clearance is right now and get it at the last clearance price indicated.  You "should" have through the 7th of this month.  We will keep you informed of any updates.  .

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