November 21, 2016

Updates on Penny Shopping at Dollar General 11/21

November 21 update: 

Where we are with Penny Shopping at Dollar General.
First off, know that we are not affiliated with Dollar General in any way, so we don't really know much more than you do about the future of penny shopping.  With that said, here is what we do  know.

The stores were told to have their swim and summer toys, yellow and white dot apparel and shoes, lawn and garden, green dot home, and back to school stationary packed up and sent back.  They were told that they had a week to do this and the items would then revert to full price.  Tuesday (the day they were supposed to go to full price) and they were still at their last clearance prices.  

The Halloween Hostess cakes DID penny that Tuesday, though.

Wednesday morning all of those categories pennied (with exceptions).  We shopped Wednesday and Thursday ... and then Friday, most items reset.  Some stores Thursday evening were coming up as "out of stock - do not sell" on the registers.

The Pink "Must Haves" shoes were still being found for a penny as of yesterday.  Remember that these and any other older pennies could reset at any time.

People are still finding older pennies too.  I found an Echo Bridge DVD and I saw others got pillows that were pennied back with purple dot .. and even some old blue dot toys were being found!  There are over 5000 items in the Penny Puss app ... and they too could reset at any time.

So, Halloween is at 70% now ... and the stores are being told to pack it up and send it back!  They aren't even leaving it to go to 90% now!  That's a bummer to me, because I usually buy a few things when it gets to 90% - but not buying at 70%.

Anyway, back to where we are with Penny Shopping.  We DO NOT know if and when there will be any new pennies.  We will update as we know.

Also remember that some items including holiday foods are being put out for the new holiday and may be in the Penny Puss app from last year.  They will be reset to full price.  If you know of anything in the app that is being put out this year again and is full price, you can hit "contact us" on the bottom of the app screen.

So, to recap ... anything purple dot and before that had pennied "should" still be a penny.  Anything more recent except for the pink must have shoes and the Halloween hostess cakes has reset back to full price.  But as I said earlier, anything can reset to full price at any time.  Dollar General can change the rules at any time.  Also, new seasonal items being put back out again this year are reset back to full price.

I hope this helps for now, we will try to keep everyone updated as much as we can ... when we know what to expect.  
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Thank you,
Wendy Rae

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We use affiliate ads to help fund our site.