December 21, 2016

Check out Aldi for your holiday cheese needs!

After ordering overpriced foods at online specialty stores for holiday gifts the other day, I needed some "bargain" retail therapy!  So, I thought I'd head over to Big Lots and see what kind of foods they have.  You just never know what they may have, but unfortunately I didn't find much exciting for my taste there.  So, I decided to try Adli and see what types of cheeses they have around the holiday.

I hit the JACKPOT!  They had everything... well, I'm sure not everything, but so many to choose from.  But why choose?  Just get a bunch.

So, look at all these wonderful cheeses that I bought!  And, I think the most expensive was like $3.99.   I need to go back when my husband isn't with me so I can just kind of meander around and check out all the other cool stuff for the holidays.

Blue Stilton
Le Gruyere
Smoked Gouda

I also bought Brie, but for some reason it didn't make the picture.  Aldi actually did have other cheeses that they don't normally stock too, but I guess I have to stop somewhere!  I picked up some dried figs too to go with cheese board for my winter solstice dinner.

And just a tip ... when you see something you want at Aldi, don't wait to buy it.  You  just never know if it will be restocked the next time.  I bought some black bean noodles there that I cooked for lunch for my sister and niece  one day.  Well, my sister wanted them, but they don't have them anymore.  She did find them on Amazon from a 3rd-party seller, but the price was much better when they were at Aldi.

We use affiliate ads to help fund our site.

We use affiliate ads to help fund our site.