December 27, 2016

Coupon misuse - we don't condone it here!

It seems on Facebook that new coupon groups keep popping up for coupon "glitches".  Although we do take advantage of penny shopping at Dollar General, we do  NOT condone most of these so-called glitches.

You don't see a difference?  Well, Dollar General makes the items a penny when we penny shop.  All we do is seek out the penny items.  There is no manipulation - they are there - we buy them at the price that they ring at the register.  There ARE bad penny shoppers too, but that is for another discussion.

Coupon glitches,  however, are different and YES they can hurt the store.  A while back, there was a coupon that was for getting small dog food packets "free with purchase".  Somehow someone figured out that if you bought a huge bag of dog food it would make the bag free!  The coupon itself was only up to like $4 ... but the dog food was almost $20.  So, shopper INTENTIONALLY bought the bag with the small dishes of food to get the bag free.  This is a LOSS of about $16 per bag that was gotten this way.  Yes, a $16 loss - stealing, in my opinion.

Coupons are not free money to use as you wish.  They come with "terms".  They are supposed to be used on the items that the coupon states.  Just because the register takes a coupon, does not make it right.  How would YOU like it if you gave out a $1 off coupon off a certain product to promote it, and although the coupon said not good on trial-size, shoppers still used the coupon on trial-size and got that item free.  And what if everyone used the coupon like that ... maybe 10,000 people ... you are out a bunch of money and you made no profit.  I'm not saying there is anything wrong with coupons being used to get a free item if the coupon allows it, but when you go against the terms on the coupon, you are WRONG.  Not only wrong, but costing the company money that they didn't expect to lose ... or costing the store to not get  the money back from the coupon if the coupon was  used incorrectly.

Here is a recent article that I find helpful:
SUPER COUPONING: Why coupon misuse matters

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We use affiliate ads to help fund our site.