December 21, 2016

Last minute gift ideas.

Are you a procrastinator?  Or maybe you just forgot a certain person on your holiday list?  Well, don't despair - you still have time!

A gift card to a person's favorite restaurant or favorite store is always a nice gift.  But to me, it's so impersonal!  If you are going this route, why not make it a little more personal by maybe purchasing a wallet or cute little coin purse to put the card in.  This way, it personalizes the gift just a bit!  Another would be a coffee mug and put the gift card inside.  There are all kinds of little ways to personalize a gift.

My husband likes coffee mugs and he also likes Denny's - so last year one of his presents was a Denny's coffee mug with a gift card.  You can do this for Starbucks or any other coffee place.

What if you don't want to go the gift card route at all?  Cash is always an option, but again, impersonal.  If I am giving cash, I like to at least have some small gift for the person to open.

A gift of food or wine is also a good option.  Most grocery stores sell fruit baskets or you can make your own!  It's actually cheaper to make your own, especially if your Walmart price-matches and you can find good deals at other stores to match.  I usually make my own.  I try to find clearance baskets through the year and then just run to the dollar store for a cellophane basket bag ... and if you don't have a basket, the dollar store usually has them too!

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