December 31, 2016

Walmart Christmas clearance is at 75% off since this morning!

Sorry this is a little late in the day, but Walmart went to 75% off their Christmas and Holiday clearance this morning!  Be sure to use the self-scanner to check items that look like Christmas!

Here are some of my finds!  The Emoji holiday blankets were on an end cap and not marked.  They rang up $2.22!

Select Pioneer Woman dishware rang up 75% off.  The white and red glasses did, the small matching bowls did NOT.  Also, the holiday platter, serving bowl, and gravy dish rang up 75% off.  Some of the other items too ... as I said, please use the self-scanner to check!

Most items in this pattern were ringing 75% off.

These did!

Here are some of my finds!  If you see gift sets in a holiday-looking display, check them!  Please put things back where they belong though and don't leave a mess for the workers!  The Emoji pillow has reindeer ears and rang up only $1.20 - it's the only one I saw.

Some of the Emoji wrapping paper doesn't look at all like Christmas and could easily be used year-round!

Holiday throws mixed in with a bin of regular throws.  I tested a couple but didn't purchase any of these.  I got 2 of the Emoji throws, that's enough for me right now.

Don't forget to look for the Holiday print Ziplock bags!  They are ringing between 71 and 74¢!

There were about 4 different scents of handsoap.  I did buy about 6 or 8 of these for my son.  I only use natural soap products, so not worth it for me to stock up on.  They were only 24¢.

These wax warmers were ringing up around $3.75 each. 

My BEST deal - well the best to me - were these Shea Moisture sets!  I told you that I use natural products, so this was the jackpot for me!  They were ringing $2.47 and I purchased 2 to start.  Went out to the car and opened them for the coupons.  There are 3 coupons in them:
$2 of Shea Facial, Bath, and Body
$2 off Any Shea
$1 off Shea Soap

I used the (2) $2 off coupons from each of the sets I bought and bought four more at only 47¢ each after coupons!

My Walmart APP proved to be somewhat helpful in the store, but some items didn't show up.  The only item that was wrong in the APP though was this Cardinal Throw - the App said in-store $13.93 and it was actually under $4 - I can't remember exactly.

The throws were hanging on an end cap ... there were other ones too of different designs, but I didn't check them.

I did buy a  few more things here and there as I went in the store about 4 times today.  A little of this and a little of that.  I might make a video on my YouTube channel later today so you can see all the deals that I got and what else you might look for in the store that might be "hidden" ... and when I say hidden, I mean right out in the open but no one knows it's marked down!

Happy Shopping!

We use affiliate ads to help fund our site.

We use affiliate ads to help fund our site.