January 16, 2016

Dry Spray Deodorant Sample! Hurry - this one is back but may not last for long!

Head on over to Smart Source to choose your sample of dry spray deodorant!  You can choose from 5 varieties of Dove, Degree, and Axe brands.

Free sample of Chalkboard Vinyl Wall Decal!

For those of you who like to make stuff, this is a nice little sample!  You will get a 3x3 sample of Chalkboard Vinyl!  I know I am looking forward to this one coming in!

FREE admission to National Parks to 4th graders!

Did you know that 4th graders can get FREE access to National Parks!  Yes, but it's ONLY for 4th graders.  Your 4th grader must print the pass and take it with them.  It has a unique code, so their friends will need to get their own pass - they can't be copied.  See more details on the "Every Kid in a Park" website!

FREE National Park Entrance on Monday, January 18th!

There are several free entrance days for National Parks throughout the year.

January 14, 2016

Free subscription to "Family Fun" magazine for businesses!

Head on over to Valuemags to request your free subscription to "Family Fun" magazine!  You will have to enter your business information and possibly select other free business literature.  Hurry before this one is gone!

Free subscription to "Marie Claire" magazine for businesses!

Head on over to Mercury Magazines to claim your free subscription to "Marie Claire" magazine!  You will need to fill out some information about your business to qualify.

Free subscription to "Veranda' Magazine for businesses!

Head over to Mercury Magazines and see if you qualify for a free subscription to "Veranda" magazine!  This is for businesses and you will be required to fill out information pertaining to your business.

Free "Town and Country"' Magazine for Businesses!

Head on over to Mercury Magazines and tell them a little bit about your business while you sign up to get a free subscription to "Town and Country" magazine.

You may be required to select additional free business publications.

96 count single serving Kellogg's single-serving cereal for only $27 on Amazon!

Head on over to Amazon and choose subscribe and save to save an additional 35% on this 96 pack of cereal!

Be sure the discount is taken off in the checkout.  You can cancel subscribe and save orders at any time after the 1st delivery.  There is no obligation.

FREE "The Very Best of Ciara" Album MP3 download.

Head on over to Google Play and get your free MP3 download of "The Very Best of Ciara".  Be sure to click the FREE button.  If you choose the individual tracks, you will be charged accordingly.

FREE "The Very Best of Grateful Dead" MP3 Album Download!

Head on over to Google Play and get your FREE MP3 Album download of "The Very Best of Grateful Dead."  Be sure to click the FREE button for the album.  If you choose the individual tracks, you will be charged accordingly.

FREE MP3 Album download Adam Lambert's "The Original High"

Head over to Google Play and get your free download of Adam Lambert's album "The Original High." Be sure to click the "free" button for the album. If you select individual tracks, you will be charged accordingly.

January 13, 2016

FREE 21 Classic Rock Favorites MP3 Album download

Head over to Google Play and get your FREE 21 Classic Rock Favorites MP3 album download!  Be sure to click the "free" button.  If you choose individual tracks instead of the whole album download, you will be charged per track.

January 12, 2016

Free coupons for Jolly Time Popcorn at 3pm EST.

This is  a heads up post - letting you know that Jolly Time Popcorn will be giving away free popcorn and coupons at 3pm EST today on their Facebook page.

Free coupon for Explore Asian pasta at 1pm EST.

This is a heads up that at 1pm EST today, Explore Asian on Facebook will be giving away coupons for a free bag of Pasta!  You can send it to your friends or ask your friends to send it to you.

Free sample of Orgain protein powder, plus enter their Healthy Solutions giveaway!

Head on over to the Orgain website to request your free sample of Orgain Protein Powder.  Is is vegan, organic, GMO-free, and sugar-free.

Free subscription to Family Circle magazine for businesses!

Head on over to freebizmag to claim your free subscription to Family Circle.  I have used this company in the past and I have received my free magazines.  You need to have a business name to apply.  You may be required to also select other free business publications to qualify.

Janis Joplin Greatest Hits FREE album download!

Hurry on over to Google Play and get the full Janis Joplin Greatest Hits album for FREE.  Be sure to hit the FREE button.  If you choose individual tracks, you will be charged.

January 11, 2016

Dollar General markdowns for January 12

Christmas is going to 25¢
Christmas plastics will be 50% off and include wreath holders, 12 G flip top, and wrapping paper holder

BEST case scenerio - Christmas baking/candy/air care will be included in the 25¢ items.
WORST case scenerio - Christmas baking/candy/air care will be 50% off or more.

Carrabba's Italian Grill 1 MILLION dish giveaway!

I posted this on my Facebook wall yesterday to give you all a heads up - the time is getting close!
Free EntrĂ©e, Free Appetizer or Free Small Plate from Carrabba’s Italian Grill.  You will find out which (if any) you have won after submitting your information on the site.

8PM EST tonight (Monday), Carrabba's will be giving away 1 Million FREE dishes.  I believe this is a first -come basis ... so set your phone alarms to be on here to sign up for your freebie!

I am sure the site will be slammed, so if it's slow, try to have a little patience and just keep trying.
Good luck!

6 cookies with free delivery from Chery's for only $9.99!

Head on over to Cheryl's and check out this nice little package of 6 individually wrapped cookies.  It would make a nice little gift for someone.  Free shipping and only $9.99 but sometimes these deals sell out - so get this while you can!

Enjoy our Delicious Winter Cookie Sampler for only $9.99 Shipped from Cheryls.com! (Gift #158121. Offer ends 01/31/16 or while supplies last)

January 10, 2016

Free sample of Aunt Jayne's seasoning!

Head on over to Aunt Jayne's website and request your free sample!

There is still time to get your (4) FREE Oral B toothbrushes with Dollar General Digital Coupons!

Hurry over to Dollar General Digital Coupon site and add these coupons to your account!
There is a $6/4, $4/3, and $2/2 coupon that can be used towards the Oral B Cavity Defense Toothbrush (upc 300416688213 or 300416688251).  These toothbrushes locally are either $1.50 or $1.55 depending on the store.  There are other $1.50 toothbrushes, but I think those are excluded.

The $6/4 would give you 4 free toothbrushes.
$4/3 would be 50¢ for 3,
or the $2/2 would make it $1 for 2. These prices will be 5¢ more per toothbrush if they are $1.55 in your store.
(plus applicable tax where required.)

Free Earth's Care Natural Products samples!

Head on over and request your free samples from Earth's Care Natural Products!  If you know me at all, you know that I mostly use natural personal products - with a few exceptions.  I am requesting 2 of the samples and really look forward to trying them.

$2 off Mucinex SE coupon - long expiration date.

Check out the $2 off Mucinex SE coupon.  The expiration date isn't until December, which gives you a long time to find a good deal and match it up with the coupon.

Do not blindly trust your pharmacy ... check your own prescriptions!

A while back, I had posted that I wasn't happy about the new pharmacy requirements for TriCare (Veteran Insurance), where as I would have to send my maintenance prescriptions to a mail order company - but I could possibly get one-time meds locally.  I had said that I wanted them all in one place where a pharmacist could oversee any problems with interactions.  Well, I guess it's time to move on from my fantasy world.  My trusted pharmacy, CVS, filled a prescription of mine with the wrong medication.

I was given a completely different medication that made me terribly tired.  I was falling asleep during the day and even going to bed by 5 PM.  I had no idea why I was so tired.  One day when getting the medication, I looked at the package a little closer and realized the name looked different than what was on the actual prescription label.  I had been using that medication for 12 days.  YES - 12 days of some medication that never should have been going in my body.