February 19, 2016

FREE streaming movie "Project 22" raising awareness of the high rate of veteran suicides.

"Project 22 was a 22 day, 6,500 mile motorcycle awareness campaign from San Francisco to New York City to raise awareness of the high rate of suicides within the Veteran community."

It is a stark fact that 22 veterans take their own lives each day.  My brother Walt is also in this film.  He is co-founder of a sailing clinic for wounded veterans.

Please share this film and it's intent so it may reach other veterans who are in need of hope.

The movie is now FREE to watch in it's entirety on PBS.org
Also, head over to their Facebook page, Project 22, and like it and comment to let them know you support their cause!  Thank you.

February 18, 2016

The Children's Place Accessories as low as 99¢ with free shipping!

Head over to The Children's Place and check out the clearance section!  There are hats starting at only 99¢ and other clearance accessories only $1.99.  Check out all the clearance to find other deals!

FREE Gabi Surf Poster!

Hurry on over to Yana Surfboard site and request your free poster of Gabi!

Penny Shopping Fraud and Abuse - stop saying it's okay!

I am so sick of people in "couponing" and "penny shopping" groups on Facebook saying to "mind your own business" or "drama isn't allowed" when people are blatantly committing fraud and abuse under the pretext of Penny Shopping.  Would you be okay about it if I just walked into the Dollar General and put about 10 things in my purse and left 10¢ on the counter because I think they SHOULD be penny items?  No, you would call me a thief.  And, guess what, this is what YOU are!  Would you want someone to do this to you if you had a yard sale?

When you walk in to a Dollar General and put the penny items on the top and bottom and the cashier rings only 2 and assumes they are all the same, YOU are just as much to blame as the cashier for not doing her job properly.  Stop laying the blame on them and take some personal responsibility!  You are manipulating the situation and you are wrong!

FREE MP3 Album download of Footloose (Music from the Movie)

Head over to Google Play and get the entire Footloose album downloaded for free!  Be sure to click the "FREE" button as the tracks are priced individually.

February 16, 2016

FREE shipping with NO minimum purchase at OrientalTrading with coupon code!

Check it out!  I love Oriental Trading for their fun party stuff!  They have such a nice variety.  And, of course, I hate paying for shipping.  So, there is a code for free shipping right now with ANY order!  See below.

Valentine's balloons pennied at Dollar General!

Valentine's Day starts their clearance almost everywhere on Feb 15.  Some stores mark it down faster than others.  Dollar General Valentine's Day merchandise is as follows:

February 14, 2016

Girls sequin slippers $1 at Walmart! YMMV.

I ran across these girls slippers for only $1 at our local Walmart!  They show up as $5 online, but in our store they are only $1.  If you have a young child, these would be perfect to put in an Easter basket!

Be sure to check out their clearance shoes too!  There seem to be a lot right now!  I picked up a pair of leather, non-slip work boots for my husband for only $7!

25¢ Star Wars Playing Card at Walmart!

I posted the deal for the $15 Star Wars stools at Kmart yesterday and realized that I never posted the 25¢ Star Wars Playing Cards that I picked up at Walmart last week!

Some people have found these in cardboard displays, but I found them on a shelf near the other card games.  Good luck!

Enter for a chance to win a cruise or one of many instant prizes from Diet Coke!

Head over to Diet Coke It's Mine to design a bottle of Diet Coke (with the patterns they have available) and be entered to win a cruise or other instant win prizes!