August 13, 2016

FREE 8 x 10 print at Walgreens with coupon code. Order online and pick up in store!

Head on over to the photo department on and order an 8 x 10 print. Then add code JUSTBECAUSE in the coupon box.  Your total will become .00. 

This code should be valid through the 15th.

Walmart adding 300 more stores that will not longer price-match!

I used to do a "price match guide" for my local area to price-match to Walmart.  The domain was due renewal and I bailed.  I knew Walmart the 500 stores that they stopped price-matching at was a test to see if it was financially a good move.  And so, they are expanding it to 800 stores now.  I guess I can't blame them as much bogus price-matching that I see going on in Facebook groups.  But if you think their "Savings Catcher" app is going to match everything ... you are mistaken.

If you are not familiar with Savings Catcher, it's app that you download on your phone and then scan in the receipt and the app finds the best prices in your local stores.

The app is great if you buy select items that aren't excluded.  In other words, so much is excluded that it really doesn't do much for your wallet.  It was a good app to begin with, but they added more exclusions after it's release.  Like:

Drug store prices are not included
Many of our local groceries are not included
Meat is not included 
Product is not included 
Shoes are not included
Seasonal items not included
Outdoor furniture not included
Toys not inlcuded
Office supplies not included
and so much more ... 

August 8, 2016

August 9 - new markdowns for Dollar General.

Unfortunately, there are no new pennies for tomorrow.  We have had so many recently, I guess we really should be thankful.

There are a few new markdowns though.

Home green dot should go to 25%
Summer BBQ items should go to 50%
Yellow dot and white dot are also being slowly marked down, but I'm not sure if it's just clothes or shoes included too ... and white dots too.  So, I guess we will try to verify tomorrow.

FREE CleanCup sample to clean your Keurig coffee maker - what do you think of this?

If you want this (I don't), then head over to the UrNex website and sign up for this free offer.  This CleanCup is supposed to clean the coffee chamber and the needle where the coffee comes out.

It seems kind of gross to me, but it may just be me.  I am going to look into it a bit more and see if it uses natural ingredients or chemicals.  Do you think it sounds gross?  Or, are you signing up for a free sample?  I'm curious.

UPDATE:  I have linked to the Safety Data sheet for this product below.

I personally use natural cleaners, dish soap, and soaps ... so I am definitely passing on this one.  But, just because I don't want it, doesn't stop me from posting.  I'm not endorsing - just passing on information.