January 9, 2017

Do you buy from Prime Pantry? Buy 5 select items, get free shipping!

Do you buy from Prime Pantry?  I have purchased a couple times, but I really despise the $5.99 shipping fee.

You must have Amazon Prime to use Prime Pantry and if you don't, you can see if you qualify for a free 30-day trial of Prime at the following link.
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Try Amazon Prime 30-Day Free Trial

Amazon has been running a promotion for buy 5 select items and get free shipping.  These items and prices (and coupons) change frequently, but these are the prices at the time I am posting.

As of right now, these 5 items are included in the items that will give you free shipping.  Add ALL 5 of these to your cart, BUT BE SURE TO CLICK on the $1 off coupon on each page!

If the items below don't suit you, you can see what other items qualify for giving you free shipping here:
Free shipping on Prime Pantry with purchase of 5 select items.

Also, remember that you can only use a coupon one of that selected product.

Your total BEFORE the coupons come off will be $13.07.  You will get free shipping and $5 in coupons will come off!  So your total for these 5 items will only be $8.07 - and this earns you FREE SHIPPING!  So instead of paying $5.99 shipping fee and getting nothing for it, you are paying $8.07 and getting 5 extra products!

Now you can add whatever other items you want to your order.  Amazon also offers various credits when you have Prime and select "no rush" shipping.  Sometimes they offer $5 off your next Prime Pantry order ... and this IS stackable with the buy 5 select items (I'm sure that could change at any time though, so be sure to go over the numbers at checkout!)

If you have that extra credit from previous orders, you might have to play around with adding an item or so extra - for some reason it only gives me part of it when I looked at the total at checkout with just these 5 items.

So here is my order $22.74 before going to checkout:

And, at checkout my total is only $13.09 - remember that I also have the $5 credit for a previous "no rush" shipment.  

So, if you order items with Prime shipping and can wait on shipping ... see what Amazon has to offer you for clicking the "no rush" shipping!

And just one more thing, you can also purchase "add-on" items when you have a Prime Pantry order over $25! So you could essentially purchase something like this that only ships with a $25 order:

The best thing to do when you want an "add-on" item, you add it to your cart for later and then you can locate it easily when you do put in that $25 order.

We use affiliate ads to help fund our site.

We use affiliate ads to help fund our site.