January 16, 2017

Dollar General Christmas should be 25¢ tomorrow! (Tuesday).

I hope you are as excited as I am!  Tomorrow, Christmas and Holiday should ring up as 25¢ at Dollar General stores!  I will be out shopping as soon as they open!  See additional information and exclusions below!

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Remember that most of the gift sets and some of the candy will be moved over to Valentine's Day and will not be included in this sale.  If you are unsure, ask for a price check.  But PLEASE be kind and put anything back where you got it, if you decide not to buy it!  That is only common courtesy!

So looks for red "holiday" tags and other items that look like holiday.  Also, trees, lights, and plastic totes are not usually included.  There may be additional exclusions!

Holiday plastics - which is hard to know what exactly they mean by that, is supposed to be 50% off.  From past experience, I would think this means the ornament holders and gift wrap holders.

We use affiliate ads to help fund our site.