January 31, 2017

Free Crushtomizer Coffee Stopper

Head on over to the Crushtomizer website to claim your custom (well sort of custom) free Crushtomizer!  Each day through the 13th of February at 10:30 am, they give 500 away!

I already got mine from a few days ago, but be patient as the website is slow.  Unfortunately, they sent me the wrong one ... I am not a gym queen.  And, the site must have really glitched, because I  now have EIGHT of these.  They did each come with a 50¢ off Dixie to go Cup coupons.  So, I guess that's the bright side of this.

I did NOT intentially order this many.  

The site, as I said, was really slow.  The page wouldn't submit ... so after a while, I'd hit submit again.  Finally it said that it went through and I didn't think any more of it until I received 8 of them in the past few days.  It's a shame, because someone might actually have wanted this one that says "gym queen" ... but not me.

We use affiliate ads to help fund our site.

We use affiliate ads to help fund our site.