January 12, 2017

My 90% off Holiday Clearance Haul from Walmart this morning, plus other clearance items of interest!

If you have a Walmart close by, head on over and see what's left of holiday merchandise!  I checked my Walmart app this morning and saw that the hooded towels (select ones) were down to $1.18!  I fed my cat, packed my husband's lunch, and headed to Walmart just after 5 am!

I did score quite a few of the hooded character towels too!  You can see my video here of what they are ... I purchased some at 75% off too.
75% off Walmart Clearance Haul from last week.

I was really surprised that they still had some!  The ones that are included should be in a red cardboard display - the ones in the regular aisle are full price.  Of course, you can check random ones on the price scanner to be sure.  That's why I like Walmart clearance so much ... you can just check yourself.  And, please remember to put the items back where they belong if you are not getting them!

Here are the items that I got today for 90% off.  This is my second time in the store.  I purchased the hooded towels first and went back in.

There may still be some of the hooded towels left at my local store.  I didn't check Jungle Book or Lion King ... and I didn't buy any of the Captain America.  But someone else may have purchased them by now.

These little sleepers scanned at 50¢ each ... I didn't get any of these.

Other items that may be of interest.  These doll houses were ringing up clearance at my local Walmart.  I was tempted to get one for my granddaughter but her birthday isn't until September.  I might go back ... not sure.

This one shows $149 even on the app for in store, but it does scan at $49 on the scanner in the store.

The Tree Dazzler is still ringing up $10, which is only 75% off.  It is located in the ASOTV aisle near the registers.  Not sure if it's the same for every Walmart.  The Star Showers is ringing $30.  

And, although Hatchimals went up online at Walmart.com - they are still marked at $48.88 in store, and they did have some this morning! 

Okay, let's see your pictures of clearance you are getting!  Post them to the Penny Puss Facebook page so we can all see!
Happy Shopping!

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We use affiliate ads to help fund our site.