January 10, 2017

My haul of Kmart's Smart Sense brand products.

UPDATE:  This deal has been capped at $50 now!

I finally decided to take some time and look around Kmart to see what Smart Sense items that I'd like to try.  If you missed this deal, you can see the details here: Get back 100% in points on what you spend on Smart Source brands at Kmart

I am fairly picky about certain items such as paper towels and toilet paper, so I didn't get those items.  I also don't use chemical cleaners, so I skipped those items too.  I pretty much set out to spend around $55 so I could use a $5 coupon that I added to my account earlier today and so I would still have a $50 order after the coupon to earn the gas reward.

I got everything that is pictured, but I put back 2 of the bagged candy and not shown is a 35 count pack of water.

DO NOT use any points on this!  The cashier didn't ask and used mine ... luckily, I only had a little over a dollar in points so it didn't hurt he bottom line much.  You cannot usually earn points on the amount points were used on.

So, I paid a little over $52 with tax and earned just over $49 in points.  The points should post tomorrow and I think as per the promotion, I have 2 weeks to use them.

While this is a great deal - spend $10 or more on Smart Sense products and get 100% back in points, I highly doubt it's going to change my preference for certain brands.  It seems to me that their items being a store brand should be cheaper than they are.  If I like any of these items, I may end up buying them if they have them on sale though.

We use affiliate ads to help fund our site.

We use affiliate ads to help fund our site.