January 13, 2017

Walmart, CVS, and Staples Clearance Haul (video).

Walmart Christmas and holiday clearance went to 90% yesterday and although there really wasn't much left, I did find a few items.  A few items were unmarked clearance and the throw blankets looked like someone actually hid them.  I posted about it here: 90% off Walmart Holiday Clearance, but decided to do a quick video of all my finds from yesterday.

At Walmart, I saw a bunch of holiday socks mixed in with a display of slippers - I checked the price and the socks were scanning at 25¢, but I didn't buy any.  Also, the Tree Dazzlers that are located in the As Seen on TV area were scanning at $10 - I didn't buy any of those either.  Kid's holiday sleepers were scanning at 50¢.

After Walmart, I went on to CVS.  They went to 90% earlier this week.  I only found a couple things yesterday.  Their holiday candy is still at 50% though.

Then to Staples where I found a couple cute items.  I also checked Big Lots and they had a LOT of holiday stuff left but were only at 60% off.  Their gift sets were 50%.

We use affiliate ads to help fund our site.

We use affiliate ads to help fund our site.