February 2, 2017

Dollar General Christmas and Holiday is still at 25¢ if you can find it!

I haven't really been shopping much at Dollar General because we have a lot of shoppers around here and there just isn't much out there I even want for a quarter.  Today though, I decided to check out a newer store that I have never been to.  And, well, it proved to be a good store for finding stuff!

I have been dieting, so I don't really need the candy and cookies, but I will send some to work with my husband.

So, everything pictures was 25¢ except the green basket.  The green basket is from the Dollar Tree.

I was pretty excited to find the chocolate biscuits, the plates, and the large mugs!  I went to 2 more stores and I found a ton more of the 5 ct cordial cherries, but I have enough.  Hopefully someone else will luck upon them!

We use affiliate ads to help fund our site.

We use affiliate ads to help fund our site.