February 16, 2017

Get 4 free meals with your first Green Chef order!

Green Chef is an organic food service.  You can choose your meal plan and dietary restriction for your food boxes.  They have paleo, gluten-free, vegetarian, vegan, carnivore, and omnivore - so pretty much something for everyone!

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I ordered thinking maybe I'll just try one box ... but upon opening my box, I'm pretty impressed!  I chose the 3 meals for 2 people (paleo).  I've been trying to buy more organic products and I like that
everything for these recipes is included.  They are also non-GMO and choose sustainable sourcing.  You can read more about it on their website GreenChef.com.

The packaging:  The outer cushiony stuff is compostable!  That will go in my composter come spring!  Then there are reusable freezer packs (already removed) and a piece of cardboard.  The vegetables and herbs were here.  Under that is another piece of cardboard where the meat and small containers of sauces and other ingredients.

Everything looks fresh.
There are more pictures below.

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I am looking forward to trying these recipes.  Each recipe is color coded to stickers on the ingredients so you know what goes together.

So what I DON'T like about it so far.  I don't like that the onion is cut.  I think they should use a smaller onion and put it in whole.  Onion tastes weird if you save a piece and use it later.  Also, one of the little screw capped jars was open and leaked a bit.

We use affiliate ads to help fund our site.