February 25, 2017

My Prime Pantry picks for to get free shipping.

If you have ordered Prime Pantry from Amazon before, you know you must have Prime, but you STILL have to pay a shipping fee on your Prime Pantry box.  This irks me a bit.  They do have a promo going usually to choose 5 select items and get free shipping.  The items to choose from change as well as the prices.  Sometimes I can find a good deal and other times, not so much.
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So out of the items you can choose from to get free shipping with 5 select items, these are my top picks:

My order - just under $20 and I qualified for the free Prime Pantry shipping promo.  I ordered mostly for the Zico Coconut Water which is an awesome price!

The Bandaids, I chose because they are only 99¢ and a nice size pack to throw in your car, purse, or diaper bag!

The Knorr Cheddar Broccoli, well, because it's only $1.

The Lipton Tea, because it's a good price and my husband drinks a lot of tea when he's sick.

The Quaker bars, because these look like a good deal on a larger size box.

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We use affiliate ads to help fund our site.

The Zico, because at less than a dollar per bottle is a crazy good price ... well, at least where I live!

And, the Benedryl, because of it's packaging - easy to carry with your put in your bags, car, and as one of the reviews said "tacklebox" - great for people with allergies that need this to be handy at a moments notice!

I did not order the Benadryl, but it looks like a good deal for those of you with allergies!

We all have different prefered products, so you might want to look at the qualifying items to see if something else suits you better.

Now that we have at least 5 qualifying products to give us free shipping, here are some of the items that I frequently purchase for my granddaughter.

Plum Organics Fruit Shredz

Plum Organics Teensy Fruits

Horizon Squeeze Pouches

We use affiliate ads to help fund our site.