February 7, 2017

New Pennies at Dollar General Today!

Well, we guessed right!  I know that we said that there were no "scheduled" pennies, but that is how Dollar General seems to be operating with their clearance now.  They are surprise pennies most of the time.  So, when we said, "you might want to check holiday and Christmas" ... we were right on the mark!

It will most likely include the items that have been ringing up as a quarter in the past couple weeks, but sometimes DG messes with us.

If you have the the PennyPussAPP, the Christmas items are in the blue 25¢ category.  I am not shopping and working to move them over to reflect a penny.  But those are the items that you are looking for.

Christmas and Holiday previously ringing a quarter should be a penny today, Feb 7, 2017.

Christmas blankets are NOT a penny.
Pinecone LED lights are NOT a penny.
Cordial cherries that are a penny are ONLY the 5 piece.
Chateau is the brand of nut clusters that ARE included. The DeMet's are NOT.
Most gift sets are NOT included. There is one $3 with a penguin on it that IS included.

Remember that most of the gift sets and some of the candy will be moved over to Valentine's Day and will not be included. PLEASE be kind and put anything back where you got it, if you decide not to buy it! That is only common courtesy!

So look for red "holiday" tags and other items that look like holiday. Also, trees, lights, and wrapping paper are not usually included. There may be additional exclusions!

Holiday plastics - should also be a penny. Ornament holders, wreath holders, and wrapping paper holders.

The Penny Puss APP is a convenience tool.

Most of these items are in the Facebook groups, but the app makes it easier to search.  There may be an item or 2 that have pennied in the past and have now reset.  Please let us know if you come across any of these items in the app.

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We use affiliate ads to help fund our site.