February 20, 2017

New pennies at Dollar General tomorrow? This is our best guess.

Dollar General has said that they will have no more pennies ... since then, harvest, Halloween, and Christmas pennied. In the past week or so over 500 items have pennied and I have added them to the Penny Puss APP. I don't really know what they are doing! Anyway, there is a new list. These items are thought to be pennying tomorrow ... but one never really knows with Dollar General anymore!

So, hopefully I'm going to grab a couple of the Valentine's gift sets ... not too many though. The Hostess holiday cakes usually penny shortly after the holiday, so they may penny tomorrow. I'm hoping to verify first thing tomorrow!

The Penny Puss APP is a convenience tool.

Most of these items are in the Facebook groups, but the app makes it easier to search.  There may be an item or 2 that have pennied in the past and have now reset.  Please let us know if you come across any of these items in the app.

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We use affiliate ads to help fund our site.