March 18, 2017

Scott Paper Towels or Cottonelle Toilet paper $3.40 each after coupons at Dollar General!

Scott Paper Towels and Cottonelle Toilet Paper are already a decent deal at Dollar General this week at only $4.95 - but you can make an even sweeter deal by combining manufacturer coupons with the $5 off $25 coupon for today (Saturday) only!
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Scenerio 1:
Purchase 3 Scott Paper Towels and
Purchase 2 Cottonelle Toilet Paper
add a $1 filler to get you over $25
(you may be able to find a cheaper filler - but you need at least 25¢)

Use (2) 75¢ off Scott Paper Towels and
Use (3) 75¢ off Cottonelle Toilet Paper
and $5 off $25 Saturday Dollar General coupon.
Be sure to hand over your $5 off $25 FIRST so your total is above $25!

Your final total will be $17 plus tax after all coupons - that's just $3.40 each!  

I don't use Cottonelle Toilet Paper, so I will probably print coupons from my husband's computers too and just get 5 Scott Paper Towels.

Scenerio 2 and coupons are below.

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Scenerio 2:
If you don't want to purchase so much at a time, you can purchase
3 of either the paper towels or toilet paper
and a filler item to get you above $15.
and use (3) of the 75¢ coupons.

$0.75 off one Scott Paper Towels

$0.75 off one Cottonelle Toilet Paper

Also, use the $3 off $15 customer survey coupon that you can print after taking the survey found on your prior register receipts.

Your total will be $10.60 or $3.53 each!  Still a substantial savings!

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