March 31, 2017

What I won't buy from Amazon and why I no longer buy from Jet (for the most part).

Anyone who knows me, knows that I have been finding deals on Amazon for years!  The deals are a little scarcer now, but there are still good deals here and there.  Memories of penny items on Amazon, however are long gone.  And, yes, I did find penny items on Amazon.
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Right now, I am searching for Lingham's Garlic Sauce - I found this item at our local Dollar Tree a while back and fell in love.  I should have bought it all, but I had no idea what it was and how good it was!  So, I have been searching for this sauce at a "reputable" place since then ...

This saucs is just an example as to why I won't buy it at Amazon or Jet.  BOTH of these websites have the sauce.  But with Amazon, it is only sold by 3rd party sellers.  Here is a partial list of the sellers:

I checked the full list and Amazon is not on there.  Do I really want my food from Aprilbookstore ... or maybe Nakoop Books?  How are these food items stored?  Are they in the trunk of their cars for weeks ... are they stored in an outdoor shed?  Sorry, I won't budge on this one.  No thanks.

And with Jet, I may be wrong, but I think their sellers are sheilded and you have NO idea who you are purchasing from.  And, as I said, I could be wrong ... but not chancing it.

I have purchased a few items from Amazon that were 3rd party sellers and some have looked like they have been sitting around for years, so I am very selective as to what I will purchase 3rd party now on Amazon.  Although, I have to give Amazon credit for having excellent customer service ... even on 3rd party sales.  I don't want to say that all 3rd party sellers are bad, but how do you know?  And, especially with food products.  Nope, just don't want to chance it.  And just a side note, I have been an Amazon seller in the past, but I never sold food.

Anway, I wonder how other people feel about where their products come from.  I will actually pay a little more on an item that is shippped and sold by Amazon over 3rd party seller.  Please share your thoughts about this with us!

And, if you know a reputable seller for the Lingham's Garlic Sauce PLEASE let me know!

We use affiliate ads to help fund our site.