April 10, 2017

Hidden Brown Dot items at Dollar General

This post is dedicated to "hidden" brown dot.  Brown dot is marking down at Dollar General, and we have been finding many items that do not actually have the dot, but are following the markdown process.  Remember, it is NOW that you should be figuring out what is marked down.  You can always ask for a price check on items that you are unsure of, but don't pile up a whole buggy and ask for prices on everything!  Be respectful AND know what you are doing.

Our main goal is to teach you so that you can go in the store and go about your business without disrupting everyone.

The items in this post should be 90% starting Tuesday morning and should be searchable in the app as such first thing in the morning.  I will post the entire markdown list  later this evening.

Here are some of the items - remember NO symbol on the price tag:
Character Pillow Pals Frozen characters, Paw Patrol, Minnie Mouse, Ninja Turtles, Trolls, Spiderman and Captain America ARE included.  There may be others that I am not aware of.  (Nemo is NOT included.)

Sorry about the Trolls picture, I already have him in an Easter basket!

Character bedding - these do NOT have brown dots, but are included.  The brown dot regular-size character pillows are NOT included.  The pillows that ARE included are body pillows and  have NO dot.

Character sleeping bags, body pillows, sheet sets, fleece throws, and comforters.
Tsum Tsum, Trolls, Frozen, Ninja Turtle, Paw Patrol (there may be others that I am unaware of.)

Small kitchen appliances/pot and pans - remember NO symbol on the price tag:
There are brown dot appliances but they are NOT included.  Again, no symbol are the ones being reduced.

The RED $25 slow cooker is NOT included in markdowns.  The gray $25 slow cooker IS included.  Also, all pictured here are included in brown dot markdowns.

Large Utility Stand (mine has F16, but may include other seasons - ask for a price-check if you are not sure.)

Oversized original $30 rugs NO symbols.  There are 4 different prints, but all will have the same label.

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