April 10, 2017

Hot deal at Kmart on Easter candy!

If you didn't buy your Easter candy yet, you are still in luck!  Kmart has a HOT deal going on for Easter candy right now! Nice size packages (some 10 ounces or more) for only $1.50 and these include select Hershey's, Mars, and Reese's products!

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Here are just some examples that are listed on the Kmart.com website.
The Dove shown is comparable to $3.58 on Walmart.com!
The M&M Eggs are $2.88 on Walmart.com!
The Hershey's Kisses are $3.98 on Walmart.com!

$1.00 off any 2 MARS Easter Items
$0.50 off one Snickers, Twix, Milky Way, and

Combine this deal with coupons for even a better deal!  See below for which inserts to find additional coupons.

  • $2/3 Hershey's Easter Kisses, Reese's, Hershey's Miniatures, Hershey's Eggs, Cadbury, Jolly Rancher or Whoppers Bags, exp. 4/16/17 (SS 03/26/17 R) [8-oz.+ Bag]
  • $1/2 M&M's Chocolate Candies, Dove Chocolate Silk Smooth Eggs & Bunnies, Minis Mix Variety Bags, Snickers, Twix, or Milky Way or 3 Musketeers, exp. 4/16/17 (RP 03/26/17) [2-oz.+ M&M's; 4.5-oz.+ Dove Chocolate Silk Smooth Eggs & Bunnies; 10.5-oz.+ Minix Mix; 4.5-oz.+ Snickers, Twix, Milky Way or 3 Musketeers; DND]
  • $1/2 Mars M&M's, Dove Eggs or Bunnies, or Minis Mix, exp. 4/16/17 (RP 03/12/17) [2-oz.+ Dove eggs; 4.5-oz.+ bunnies; 10.5-oz. minis mix]
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We use affiliate ads to help fund our site.